Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Don't Have Your Say

One of the most transparent tricks the Beeb uses in its 'Have Your Say' feature is choosing questions along the lines of 'Is Bush Worse Than Hitler ?' or 'Conservatives: Should They All Be Shot ?' The scam is that the Beeb can then cite balance as the reason why 50% of the replies are by moonbats since hey, they have to reflect both sides of the debate on whether Lady Thatcher really did invent AIDS.

Mind you, this doesn't always work for Auntie. Take the recent Vice-Presidential debate, seems like pretty much everyone over there (including folks who scored the earlier Presidential debate a Kerry win) thinks Cheney beat Edwards senseless. So, does the Beeb relax the 50:50 rule in favour of something more representative ?

Well, they got halfway there. Click here and enter the parallel universe of the unbiased BBC.

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