Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Boys In Red

I've written before about my contempt for the L3 charge that those of us on the right are 'judgmental' - ask them about City salaries and see what they say. No, when Liberals complain that Conservatives are judgmental, they really mean 'judgmental about the wrong things'. They can't say that though, that would undercut one of their most cherished tactics, namely claiming that Conservatives seek to exclude people while the L3 seek to bring everyone together in a happy-clappy comunidee. You can tell how the Left hates to exclude anyone - look at the wide cross-section of political outlooks represented by the BBC.

With all that in mind, it's interesting to note this report from Laban Tall. Now, Christian Voice are not necessarily people you would want to live next door to, but they are citizens raising points with public servants. Quite simply, some of the replies they recieved are vile. People who claim we need to be 'sensitive' when dealing with paedophiles have no qualms about sending out offensive rubbish to those they deem not to be worthy of a place in Nu Briatin.

Doubtless, the last thing most Chief Constables want to do is deal with the fruiter end of the Christian spectrum. Well, funnily enough, the last thing most Conservatives want to do with their money is give it to a bunch of neo-Antoinettes, disgracing their uniform with their shameless promotion of a partisan political agenda. This would be easier to take if these people were any good at their jobs, but they have presided over the collapse of law & order, all the time being ready to prostitute their forces to Left whenever needed (free tip: if you wake up and find someone breaking into your house, don't phone 999 and call it a burglary, claim you're holding a Labour Party function instead). Yet, still these people live the life of Reilly sponging off the taxpayers money while occasionally leaning out the chauffer-driven car to spit at passing members of the Great Unenlightened.

That's what's so infuriating about the decision to let Police Officers march in uniform - it is an endorsement, and one given to a worldview that - in relation to issues such as gay marriage - is nowhere near universal (or even necessarily a majority view). This event marked the moment when Dixon of Dock Green gave way to Millie Tant.

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