Thursday, June 10, 2004

Why People Don't Vote

So, it's election day, and you know what that means: the Metropolitan elite will be a'wimpering and a'whining about low turnout. We'll be lectured about our responsibilities to the State oops, I meant 'society', which is completely different. We'll be told that voting is a solemn duty. Well, now, events down in the Thames Region Asylum give the lie to that particular line of blather.

In case you haven't heard, there's a proposal to set up a Museum of Homosexuality. So far, so London, except - wouldcha'believe it - Sir Elton and the boys would like us to fund it. You may feel that it is not the proper role for government to extort money from nurses and security guards for the purposes of queeny self-adulation. Well, here's the allegedly Conservative candidate for London Mayor addressing that point:

"I'm afraid whoever you elect, you're going to get it. What's not to like?"

And there you have it: up yours, voters. The political class has decided and we can shove it. Norris must know that there's more chance of Hitler being elected to Haifa City Council than there is of Joe Public voting for robbing nurses to fund a suitable home for George Michael's jockstrap. So, don't give them a choice. Just like we don't get a choice on crime, multiculturalism, education…. Hell, just about every worthwhile issue in Britain today has been taken off the table by the Westminster Cartel. Liberalism ? Whoever you elect, you're going to get it.

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