Sunday, June 20, 2004

Non-Right Rights

Proof, as if it were needed, that the whole whuman wrights scam is just an excuse for the Left to foist its agenda on us: the deafening silence from the L3 over this.

Even taking the Filth's explanation at face value raises questions. Here's a bloke passing through a 'banned area' for several meters when - quite by coincidence - there's some cops there to catch sight of him doing so and bust him. Sounds like they've sorted that 'shortage of resources' they always complain about. Somehow, the alternative explanation sounds a little more credible. Hey - protestor arrested on trumped-up charges. Sound the Seethealarm. Cue m'learned friends to quote paragraphs and section numbers. Time for Guardian columnists to write darkly about crushing of dissent. Nope - they're in favour of ecoloons torching a McDonalds every May 1st, they think it outrageous that peace protestors are allowed to hold a rally calling for the peaceful extermination of Jews and Americans no closer than five hundred yards of where Dubya is, but these guys ? They're talking about family issues! How crass and suburban is that! You can't waste rights on those people, or they'll be none left over for getting Al-Quaida terrorists released.

Ditto, expect a deafening silence over this latest proposal. Of course it's trailed as a response to Soham. Funny how the only measures the Left ever takes to deal with paedophiles are those which impact the innocent as well as the guilty. Needless to say, the Government will assure us that there is no question of a system that does away with the requirement for actual evidence to be used to alibi the kind of harassment noted above.

And if you believe that, I have a nice bridge you may be interested in buying.

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