Sunday, June 20, 2004


Mel P:

There is a collapse in belief in government -- all government. As a result, politics is becoming fragmented, as people vote in ever greater numbers for small or single issue parties which don't have a hope in hell of getting elected. The argument that fragmenting the vote in this way will 'let in the other side' no longer has the resonance it once enjoyed because, with the major parties saying such similar things, fewer people care if the 'other side' does get in. What becomes important instead, for people who feel so fundamentally disenfranchised, is to make their voice heard.

Exactly. Like most people, there are certain issues which dominate all others in my choice of who to vote for. Yet, when I compare the two main parties, I - lifelong Conservative - note that it is Labour which better represents my views. Which is to say, Labour are despicable as ever, yet at least Blair has taken some action against Islamofascism. The Tories ? They want to hit Bin Laden with Love Power. For all the rest, who cares ? Does anyone really believe this Conservative Party will change anything ? Sure, a Conservative government will boost the vital brown envelope and escort industries, but actual policy ? Forget it! This Conservative Party seems happy to serve as a mere figurehead. Is that the limit of their ambitions ?

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