Sunday, June 27, 2004

Scapegoat Latest

Blunkett's still committed to proving that local control of Police is a very flexible concept. Even the Mad Mullah of Mold has taken time out to denounce the Sheffield Skunk. When one of our castrato senior police officer speaks out against a Nu Lab minister, then the man with the red boxes must really have gone too far. One of the victim's fathers has spoken out against Blunkett. Beardey says that's irrelevant. Can this really be the same Party whose conference once featured a teacher from Dunblaine screeching hatred against gun owners, Conservatives and everyone else who wasn't a moonbat (it achieved one thing though: hearing her hysterical, eye-popping rantings reassured me that violence isn't caused by weapons) ?

Still, as ever with Nu Lab, we have the reassurance of knowing nothing will really change. Of course, that was in Sock Puppet's area. How come Blunkett hasn't called for him to go ?

To ask it is to answer it.

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