Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Another Reason To Hate The Left

So OK, parents - even L3 loons - have the right to do what's best for their kids. Except that isn't what they're doing. Not only do they want the right to decide what their kids eat, they want to dictate what everyone else's have. What kind of sick, depraved Marxist ghoul wants to stop kids in hospital having a treat ? Even if these freaks are right and it is damaging in the long-term we aren't talking long-term, we're just talking a little something to brighten up a horrible time. And why exactly should anyone care what a bunch of evil, lemon-sucking, Communist perverts think about anything anyway ? Why should these dirty freaks be able to inflict their lunatic, racist, junk science fuelled paranoia on ordinary, decent people, let alone their kids ? What kind of arrogance is it that propels semi-literate Liberal morons to order about sane people based on nothing more than the scribblings of other brain-dead Kool Aid drinking idiots ? Why am I asking questions to which there is no rational answer ? Who knows ? But, if you ever find yourself wondering whether Leftists are possibly human, just remember this is what Leftism means: stopping sick kids from getting treats.

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