Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Outrage D'Jour

And it's a lu-lu, thanks to Paul for pointing it out:

An investigation into the police has unearthed "stealth racism" in the training of new officers, the Commission for Racial Equality says.

Ooooh…that's the worst kind. Racism for which there is no actual evidence at all. You need special techniques to expose them, for example many racists can't detect if you put salt in their tea because they don't have taste buds like normal people, also many racists own cats and big cauldrons, and if you tie them up, then throw them in a pond, they'll float instead of drowning.

The probe found forces failing to meet minimum standards on race equality, despite laws compelling them to do so.

The CRE is warning 14 unnamed forces they have 90 days to comply with race relations law or face legal action.

I should feel sympathetic to the Filth, but hey ? They've never had a problem with acting as the paramilitary wing of the BBC so screw them if the pigs have come home to roost.

The probe followed the BBC's 2003 documentary The Secret Policeman on racism among police recruits.

Heading the report, former Director of Public Prosecutions Sir David Calvert-Smith said racism was still a major problem in the police and that his team had found failings at "every level":

And the former head of CPS should know all about total failure. Note though a certain contrast here - back when Sir Dick Dave was at CPS, cases traditionally fell apart as soon they put before an independent tribunal. Now, of course, Sir David and his minions have fortunately excused themselves from the requirement to actually, y'know, present actual evidence to an independent body - for once the cliché about being judge, jury and executioner applies. I don't know about you, but I feel deeply reassured to live in a country where we give smackheads and paedophiles far more legal protections than cops.

"Any thoughts that follow in the Stephen Lawrence inquiry that this problem had somehow gone away are wholly wrong.

"An enormous amount of resources have gone into programmes on race and diversity, and it has not been anywhere near as successful as people had hoped."

All that witch-hunting and nary a witch to show for it. Clearly, indicates a lack of resources.

He said there may be a case for creating a system of undercover officers working within the police to root out racism.

Needless to say, suggesting this in any other context will drive the L3 into a frenzy of whining about entrapment, agent provocateurs and the like. See above comment about being deeply reassured.

According to the CRE's interim report, more than 90% of police race equality schemes fail to meet the minimum legal requirements.

Forces had new duties to take potential race issues into account in recruitment, but screening procedures were falling short, it said.

Waiter, some sauce for this goose: let the Filth screen out potential perverts, druggies, terrorist sympathisers, thieves and skivers. Of course, this might make recruitment a little difficult, but since the L3 are in favour of discriminating against people based on what they might do, then it seems only fair to apply it across the board.

Ironically, applicants from some minority communities were more likely to fail an initial screening for their views on race and diversity than a white applicant.

Which is ironic only in the sense that it's ironic that people supposedly opposed to racism openly imply that only them pesky honkeys could possibly be prejudiced against anyone. I'm pretty sure that Rwanda isn't in Scandanavia.

Evidence into probationary training found complaints ranging from almost exclusively white tutors with superficial knowledge of race relations through to overt demonstrations of prejudice.

Them honkeys again. How could greymeat understand about race relations ? They don't have the genes, it stands to reason you can't take these people off the Steppes and expect them to deal with all this complex stuff….

Are the CRE subcontracting to taxi drivers or what ?

One recruit told investigators he had experienced "stealth racism", something he described as prejudice from an officer who knew how to avoid breaking the law.

Any of our more geriatric bloggers remember the 'PC Savage' sketch on 'Not The Nine O'Clock News, sometime about 1982 ? It was about a racist copper who was victimising a black guy, arresting him for stuff like 'walking on the cracks in the pavement'. The thing is this: one of the charges was 'looking at me in a funny way'. This is where we're at now: what the L3 claimed to oppose twenty years ago, has now become their own policy.

Another Asian Muslim recruit said curry had been smeared on his bedroom door in the training centre.

Liberals keep wavng the bloody shirt about Stephen Lawrence, but then they bring up stuff like this: curry abuse. It implies a certain scrapeing of the ol' barrell. Besides, the L3 freak when terrorists fighting to impose Islam on the world are described as Islamic. Apparently, it unfairly labels the vast majority of peaceful Muslims as tangos. But that doesn't mean that a single anecdotal report of curry abuse isn't proof positive that the Bill are like a hard-line Waffen SS.

A police trainee admitted having no knowledge of anti-discrimination legislation. Another had not heard of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry.

Instinct tells me you won't get much sense out of the witch hunters if you asked them to define 'Dhimmitude' or explain who Keith Blakelock was. Still, that's to miss the larger picture, and what a breathtaking piece of politicisation this is. The charge isn't that the trainees (incidentally a word meaning one who has not yet learned everything) actually did, said or even thought anything: nope, it's that they were not correctly programmed with L3 talking points. Suddenly, crime is no longer breaking the law, now it is displaying insufficient enthusiasm for pushing the L3 line.

You see where we going here ? Plenty of people think the MacPherson report was a disgrace. Yet, in the cause of diversity, they're to be excluded from the Police Service. The L3 always claimed that the Filth couldn't represent, say, Chinese-descended people, until they had more than x% of Chinese cops. Right - don't let anyone convince you otherwise with talk of response times, clear-up rates and the like. What they really want down the 'Ming Dynasty' is the right probability that the lazy drone who turns up three hours after the robbery will be the same colour as them. Meanwhile, in the real world, if you're Conservative, you can't join the Police, but don't let that turn you against them.

The service was heavily dominated by a macho "bar culture" which excluded recruits from minority communities who did not drink, the report said.

Because, Allah knows, you can't go in a bar without drinking - at least that's what I always told my ex. She didn't buy it either, so we'll have to look for alternative explanations. Gosh - who can it be who doesn't drink ?

You know, I do believe there is one group - yep, indeed. 'Excluding recruits' sounds like code for refusal to adopt the appropriate dhimmi position - you know, like admitting the sheer awfulness of people from cultures which do drink, drinking. Clearly, the Filth should be teetotal, lest they exclude anyone by choosing to spend their leisure time doing stuff that Allah doesn't dig.

And as for the sleeping around...

CRE chairman Trevor Phillips said: "We are entering a zone of zero tolerance - the time for chat is over.

"All that people have to do is obey the law."

Of course, if Armani Trev and other allegeded 'black community leaders' could adopt the same hardline when talking about Yardies, the quality of life in Tottenham would show about a thousand times more improvement than that achieved by any number of witch hunts.

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Mark Oaten said: "Apart from clear and unacceptable racial differences in the screening process, it is frankly astonishing that so many people are failing the basic diversity test.

"Either huge numbers of racists were getting through before screening was introduced, or the screening process itself is seriously flawed."

Or possibly a system designed to discriminate against non-moonbats works as advertised.

But Ravi Chand, former head of the Black Police Association and a member of the investigation team, urged members of minority communities not to give up on joining the police.

"There are many members of these communities with the skills and talent needed for a 21st century force."

Unless they're Conservatives, of course.

A Home Office spokeswoman said it would consider the report "carefully and positively".

"It is an interim report and we will give a fuller response when the full version becomes available early next year."

Hey, I've just thought, wouldn't it be totally amazing if one second after the report was released, the Home Office came through with a whole new bunch of PC witch hunting legislation ? It sounds crazy, but it could just happen.

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