Sunday, June 06, 2004

The Classy Left

One of the great men of history has been called home and that means one thing: L3 Partytime. But where's a hate-filled freak to vent on a day like this ? Why, the Beeb's 'Have Your Say', of course. I've stuck to domestic moonbats, but that hardly matters, we've got a full load of vile tossers right here on the Sceptic Isle.

This guy proved the point that anyone with enough money and enough publicity can become president. Maybe there's hope for Arnie yet.
Matthew, UK

It's difficult to remember anything good about the Reagan/Thatcher axis of power except that it is now consigned to history. Perhaps he can rest in the peace which he so assiduously denied to others during his years of office.
Derek Blyth, UK

Yet another republican warmonger. I hope he saw the error of his ways before he died.
Tom Amos, England

Rotten actor, rotten president. Symbolised everything crass and shallow about Americans.
Ross, UK

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