Thursday, June 03, 2004


"We're more fascist than you"

"Are not"


The Islamofasicts are mobilising against the BNP. As ever, even a full wash cycle from the Beeb (soft soap, followed by full spin) doesn't suffice to hide their nuttiness from anyone with an IQ greater than 15. Try this:

It also urges both men and women to turn out to oppose a party it considers to be "fascist-leaning".

Mr Pot, I have a Sheik Al-Kettle on line six. Seriously though, as a thought experiment, try to imagine the likely media reaction to Michael Howard announcing that he'd be happy to attract votes even if they came from women.

"[Muslims] marched in huge numbers with their fellow non-Muslim citizens against the war in Iraq and the mainstream parties ignored them. "

Yep. Saddam was a supposedly secular leader and certainly responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, but these people still stood foursquare behind him against the filthy Infidels. So what was that about irrational prejudice ?

Still, at least some people are listening to these tools. Housing must be bad in some Asian Muslim areas, if they're having to live 500 to a house.

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