Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The Right Howard

What's in a name ? Nothing apparently. While Mikey claims to have no firm opinion as to whether the Sun will rise in the East, not-so-dumb Johnnie is bitch-slapping the L3 big time:

Australian schools must have a functioning flagpole if they are to qualify for extra educational funding, Prime Minister John Howard has said.
Mr Howard, who is expected to call an election within months, said cultural attitudes were changing and more Australians now wanted to fly the flag.

The announcement came as a new poll suggested the opposition Labor party was still ahead.

The Australian's Newspoll showed Labor leading a two-way race by 52% to 48%.

Other conditions schools must meet to earn a slice of the A$31bn (US$21bn) funding on offer include meeting national standards on the curriculum, improving reports for parents, and setting aside two hours each week for students to exercise.

Somehow, I think the Oz L3 contingent, both of them, will be channeling Linda Blair in 'The Exorcist' about now. Note too that the Bruces are dealing with an outbreak of fatties by taking more exercise, instead of blathering on about Ronnie McDonald breaking into people's homes and forcing Chicken McFilth burgeres down kid's throats.

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