Sunday, June 27, 2004


Misha applies the Cluebat to a Guardian writer. It's superb. Never the less, the Moonbat does, in one sole respect, have a point. Current plans for choice, from either party, repeat the same mistakes made in the No-Education system. You'll have the right to choose, but since everyone will want to go to a top hospital, chances are you'll probably end up at Death Row General anyway.

Until the money follows the patient (and the pupil) successful institutions will be artificially prevented from expanding to meet demand, while failed ones will be propped up, able to go on their merry way destroying lives. In short, both parties support practices in two of our most vital public services that would be highly illegal if they were carried out by a cartel of hat manufacturers or bakers. No one is prepared to say that the best thing you can do with a failing hospital is close it and transfer the money to a successful one. Hey Liberals - if 25% of the patients die, maybe they shouldn't be in the health care business. But no - if a restaurant closes then that's too bad, but NHS employees have a job for life, no matter what. It's not some vacuous 'choice' that we need, it's real competition.

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