Friday, June 11, 2004

Die Hippy, Die!

Scott B addresses something that really hacks me off: the whole 60s monomania of the media. He's right about it all - as the saying goes, if Copernicus was born in 1940, he would have discovered that the Universe rotated around himself. But I'd add that the sheer humbuggery of it all is annoying. The 60s, man, were supposedly all about rebellion. The kids were throwing off the old, they had nothing to learn from their squaresville parents. But now ? Now these people are coming up to pension age and they're still babbling on about the ****** 60s. John Kerry is just a particularly specialised example ['Senator, do you like films ?' 'Yes, I saw many films when I was in 'Nam'].

To listen to these geriatric 'tards, you'd think they'd actually done something more worthwhile than drop acid and paint their backsides orange. And that's the tooth-grinding, hackles-rising, geriatric-hippy-bashing-with-a-baseball-bat thing about it all. These people argue that the fact they got blasted once on the Isle of Wight is a historic moment on the scale of Alamein. Yet, who were these tossers rebelling against ? Yep, the people who really did fight at Alamein. The whole 60s thing revolved around the idea that just because you'd fought in Burma you didn't know anything about anything. But now ? Now, this collection of geriatric spoilt brats keep popping up to share the special insight they gained from.... What exactly ? Nada.

This past weekend, we have remembered their fathers and all they did for us. Even to such a bunch of self-obsessed weasels, the contrast between storming Hitler's Fortress Europe and dropping a couple of tabs while listening to the Beatles is somewhat painful. Hence, the desire to invest every moment of their wasted youth with Earth-shattering significance. Here's the truth: they were tossers then, and they're still tossers now. Screw 'em.

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