Sunday, May 23, 2004

Start The Civil War Already

I'm not a fan of Blunkett. After all, he's based his career on sounding like Joe Public and acting like a Guardian leader writer. Still, he is doing one good thing. By continuously allowing the Bench to do all but moon him, Blunkett has set up conditions perfectly for an incoming Conservative government to remind the bewigged scum that sovereignty rest with the people not a moonbat cult, no matter how supposedly educated they may be. After all, few people believe this government has been too harsh on asylum seekers - including the asylum seekers themselves, to judge by their numbers, yet Blunkett is continuously frustrated in his attempts to do the little that he attempts. Not only that but the grounds are absurd - take this latest one, which relies on a supposed fundamental right to go to someone else's country and make them give you money. Say, what ?

Nope, when even an L3 government is being attacked from the Left by the judicary, then it's past time our court system had a delousing. Where's Cromwell when you need him ?

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