Sunday, May 16, 2004

Satire Proof

There are a barell load of good reasons why the Tory/Labour/Silly coalition against the BNP is a bad idea - PC sums it up well here, to which I'd only add that a Party that appeals to people who think politics is all one big conspiracy is hardly going to be damaged by its opponents openly forming a cartel. But, even so, I don't think any of us sceptics could have imagined anything so flat out weird as this latest report:

HIP-HOP stars joined with London’s politicians yesterday to urge black people to vote in next month’s elections and prevent the British National Party from gaining a platform in the capital.
Members of the band So Solid Crew lined up alongside Ken Livingstone, Steve Norris and Simon Hughes to begin a campaign called Operation Black Vote.

With other mayoral hopefuls and candidates for the Greater London Assembly and European elections in London, they unveiled a poster with the warning: “Racists are now more dangerous than ever. They’re voting.”

Yep, that's THE "So Solid Crew" - the very epitome of the nihlistic gansta chic that has done so much to make our inner cities what they are today. Talk about a gift to the BNP. Take away the overt racial aspects, and there's nothing you can say against the BNP that doesn't apply double to these guys. More dangerous than ever becuase they're voting ? [sharpened ballot papers ?] It would be a considerable improvement if that was the worst thing the SSC's of this world did - as it is, if there's a young black guy lying dead in the street, it's a Hell of a lot more likely to be at the hands of some Gangsta rather than a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

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