Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Is This Enough ?

Seems like only weeks ago the Left was whining about an irresponsible press. Apparently, criticising the EU is beyond the pale, but printing propaganda which can only have the effect of aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war, why, that's just ducky.

What's that ? Something about a free press ? Ahem - neither Conservative MPs nor the Daily Mail can mention immigration without sixty thousand taxpayer funded race hustlers claiming they're done all but lead a lynch mob through Oldham. Yet here's a major paper publishing a load of inflammatory nonsense that's riddled with anomalies and Piers Morgan is a John Stuart Mills for the Twenty-First Century.

Yada, yada, yada. They could be genuine (although if they are, they were probably taken by Elvis). So what ? There's no evidential reason to publish the actual pictures, we know what someone being beaten up looks like. Publication of the photos merely serves to inflame the situation. This is where the anti-war Left is these days: they'll go out of their way to follow the policy which creates the most damage for the war effort, irrespective of whether it causes more British casualties, harms British interests and helps embolden those who would turn Iraq into Somalia II.

If the photos are fakes, then the above applies double. The L3 are hung by their own words here. They claim that news of torture will put British troops at risk and help propel Iraq further towards anarchy, yet they leap upon even the flimsiest allegations and trumpet it from the roof tops. Can we call them traitors yet ?

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