Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Only Allowed Out At Weekends

Mark Steyn recently offered this anecdote:

On “The Daily Show” a few months back, Stephen Colbert ended a parody news report on the “gaysplosion”, the growing popularity of gay culture, by declaring earnestly that he too was gay. The host Jon Stewart affected surprise: he hadn’t realized Colbert enjoyed sex with men. Colbert was revolted: Whaddaya mean, sex with men? What’s that got to do with being “gay”?

I thought of that when I read this. The temptation is to say 'a plague on both your houses'. For sure, there's plenty obnoxious about Gay Activists, as ever, demanding equality-plus, the right to be treated just like anyone else, except better. Especially so here, where they claim the right for police officers to wear regalia associated with a particularly controversial worldview. But what of their opponents ? Surely a case of 'live by the pander, die by the pander' ?

The Police specifically, and the whole TINO/L3 coalition generally, have bent over backwards to appease the Pink Wedge. Even the rationale for trying to specifically recruit gay police officers in the first place is an example of the Filth swallowing the identity politics scam whole. The rationale is that gay police officers are required to bring a gay perspective to law enforcement, particularly when dealing with crime involving gays. To that end the Old Bill have advertised in gay mags, met with gay activist groups, visited gay clubs…. Did they think that approach was going to net Nigel 'Who Knew ?' Hawthorne types ? On the contrary, it was designed to recruit Gays, with a very definite capital G. People whose sexuality is at the very core of their being. Yet, now the TINOs are shocked, shocked! I tell you, to find that their new friends meant what they said about being glad to be gay.

Take this item from King TINO himself. I myself have been the target of a few of his girly-girl eyepoke attacks over my refusal to endorse this kind of pandering, but now he wants to be taken seriously when trying to sound like the Mr Hyde to Peter Cuthbertson's Jekyll. Are we not supposed to notice ?

But don't call the TINOs inconsistent when they complain that the Gays they recruited are just too gay. TINOs don't object to people holding particular views, they just object to people holding views. For all its ostentatious nuance, the TINO position on any issue boils down to pose of smug detachment, the TINO above it all, looking down his nose and sneering at the lower orders with their terribly gauche ideals and their simplisme principles.

Say what you like about the Gay Activists, but at least they never pretended to be anything they're not. Still, it is a valuable lesson for the gay community: you can cut a deal with the TINOs, but don't expect them to respect you in the morning.

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