Sunday, May 09, 2004

Blind Stupidity

Jeremy Vile Vine gave us a preview of the latest retarded L3 meme on last Friday's show. The first topic up was the ongoing prisoner abuse shenanigans. Jegsy wanted to ask whether we were justified in having 'bind faith' (and that specific phrase was used several times) that our troops wouldn't commit the same kinds of scumbaggery.

Say, what ?

As yet, there's still a lack of any compelling evidence of misconduct by British troops. Yet, our refusal to believe in something for which there's no evidence is an example of blind faith ? That's the real genius of it - the meme not only doesn't require evidence, but the abscence of evidence is itself proof of the charge. You don't believe that the British Army is just like the NKVD ? You're blind, you're not enlightened, you're too stupid to recognise that there's load of evidence, but it's all being hushed up by the system, man.

Puuulease. No doubt there are people who wouldn't believe in military misconduct even if guardsmen were filmed eating babies, so yes, they do have blind faith. But what of those for whom the mere abscence of evidence is no reason not to believe that there are mass graves behing HQ Basra ? What are they suffering from ? Isn't blind suspicion just guillability standing on it's head ?

Who knows ? But, since we've 'moved on', as the L3 would say, from needing actual evidence, may I just be the first to point out that we can not blindly trust that Jeremy Vine is not a sheep-molesting terrorist.

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