Thursday, May 20, 2004

Just The Ones With Rules & Stuff

Something I've said before: why do some many Conservatives naturally spring to the defence of Big Business. I mean, yes, we have a common enemy in the L3, but it's not as if Big Business ever puts itself out for us. Take this latest outrage.

As JohnJo says, these folks would quite like to bleed some cash from real patriots but they wouldn't risk getting any of that patriotism stuff on themselves. What is this all about ?

Unfortunately, the St George's flag has negative connotations of football violence."

Bigoted, much ? Anyway: Birmingham. Pub. Violence. Is there no one in that company who reads history ? So, what chance they'll ban Irish flags next Mar 17 ?

Nada. It's only the sins of the English that count. Take events between 1939-45: continus brutality aimed at German tourists, while Arena's spiritual ancestors were taking a far more constructive approach in Vichy. But don't ask what these syphillitic weasels are still doing in the country long after the EU gave them all the right to move to France. If they went to France they'd be expected to do something constructive to help La Belle France succeed. Only as long as they stay in Britain can these pathetic little nonces become the toast of other castrato snivellers for oh-so-daringly pissing on the graves of our war dead.

Of course, Armani Trev would approve. After all, this is exactly what his policies are aimed at achieving: the kind of meaningless drivel of people who claim to be English and proud, but recoil in horror at the site of St George's Cross. Hence the title of this post: it comes from St Ann's comment on a Liberal who spewed out a load of bigoted nonsence about religion, then claimed he wasn't against all religions. That's where we are: Aramani Trev and Arena would deny actually hating England, nope it's just the English parts of it. They'll sign onto meaningless feelgoodery, but when it comes to people celebrating English culture, they're all a quiver. They won't let people ask what's good about England, lest that imply that there are countries which are worse than England. Heaven forbid someone should claim that England beats Somalia hands down.

Of course, there's a deeper reason why the L3 hate anyone to mention that England is actually doing pretty well compared to the rest of the world. Our heritage, the reason why we do so well, is in large part utterly antagonistic to the L3 agenda. Individual rights, the rule of law, a suspicion of government....and so on - all charcteristics of traditional British government, then exported to the US. And for 300 years these ideas have dominated the world, while L3 Eden's like France and the USSR have either disintergrated or booked a room at the Hotel D'Irrelevant. Coincidence ? Needless to say, Big Businesses interest in the whole deal is more short-term. They quite like the idea of a French style economy, where they meet up with friends in government and decide exactly how they'll screw the public over. That Anglo-Saxon capitalism is just so chaotic - what with competition, and everything.

The most basic comparison between, say Cuba with Australia, exposes the toxicity of the L3 agenda. Hence, they've built their philosophy around trying to delegitimise the whole idea of comparisons. Everyone and everything is only as good as everything else. Pay no attention to the Sudanese slaver behing the curtain.

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