Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Predictable (III)

The Government signalled yesterday that it was willing to breach the first of its "red line" safeguards on the European constitution by agreeing to cede Britain's veto over sensitive areas of criminal justice.

The shift in policy raises fears that Brussels could acquire the power to interfere with the common law tradition of habeas corpus, trial by jury, and rules of evidence.

Just the little stuff then. And there's more...

Mr Straw said bluntly yesterday that there would be no deal unless Britain got its way. "If we do not get the key red lines for the United Kingdom then we won't sign up for this constitutional treaty."

EU officials noted the term "key" red lines, taking it to mean that lesser lines could be rubbed away.

And they're probably bang on. Howe can you expect any better from people who can say this:

A British official said the language would have to be changed before the Government would agree to give up the veto.

"We've got to be absolutely crystal clear what we are committing ourself to," he said. "Criminal procedure is very close to the hearts of people."

Translation: we'd happily give the whole store away if we thought we could get away with it, but you know how it is with the oiks, we have to go through the motions of putting up a fight.

That's it, that's the people running our country - they think Britain's kind of OK, but not something to get het up about. To them, Britain's just where they work - give them the right offer and they'll be off. They have no sense that Britain is something unique, something worth preserving. That's why they can manage the country but never lead it, and when their souless blathering leads to the Disaster D'Jour they use it as further proof that Britain is obviously doomed. The thing is, they're dead right as long as we led bloodsucking zombies like them run the country.

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