Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Sauce For The Goose ?

Of course this proposal is disgusting, but it's hard not to see a certain irony in it. Personally, I hate country people, but you do wonder what proportion of the people running scared from this new threat were exactly the kind of elitists who were all for so-called 'Right To Ruin Roam' legislation.

After all, this atrocity gave notice that the government considered private property a flexible concept. City dwellers weren't obliged to let Farmer Palmer run sheep over their lawn, but city slickers had a right to behave like an occupying army in the country. Personally, I thought it would have been fairer if the self-same trash who think they were justified in goosestepping over some farmers workplace were obliged to let the green-jacketed ones do the same in their place of work. Rambelers would spend a refreshing day littering, leaving gates unlocked and destroying fences, then the inbred ones could spend the day at their office jamming the photocopier, sitting on desks while people are trying to work and pulling phones out of their sockets. That would have been more equitable, but that wasn't the law that was passed, so now we're stuck with the idea that there's personal property and there's stuff that you have at the whim of the government.

So don't lets hear any Metropolitan twerps inviting us to a Pity Party for the fact the governments treating them nearly as badly as Snowdonian hill farmers. (Although, incidentally, what is it with ramblers ? This strange desire to go into the country yet try and experience as little countryside as possible ? You have an unspoiled corner of England, and 10-1 it's full of groups of fifty tools dressed in dayglo orange, moving as quietly as a Motorhead gig and leaving a slime trail of Mars wrappers. What's the point ?)

Equally, there's plenty of people who're about as likely to be caught by this legislation as they are to have trouble at the bank getting change of a million pound note. That's OK, the next atrocity will no doubt catch them out (DJ sez: only allowed a car if you can prove you need it).

I suppose what I'm trying to say is this: Nu Labour is simply revealing its true face. They always believed that citizens can't own anything, they can only borrow it from government. What this latest proposal really betrays is the complete failure of the Conservative Party. The Conservatives have been so ineffectual in fighting the Culture War that the Left now feels it openly state its hatred of something as basic as property rights. Why not ? The Conservatives have always recoiled from even suggesting that the citizen does have inalienable rights. Every turn of the ratchet has been greeted with mere half-hearted criticism from a Party that is blatantly trying to preserve its own future freedom to impose on the citizenry. In short, this proposal is a sign of complete moral collapse not amongst the Left, who always were scum, but amongst a Party which has renounced the basic priciples underpinning its whole existance.

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