Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Dhimmis D'Jour

Islamism and Indocducation - it's a winning combination. (pay no attention to the exploding man behind the curtain)

My favorite was this line:

“Jihad means struggle but not necessarily a violent struggle. It can mean the struggle for tolerance and freedom."

As exemplified by all those tolerant, free and non-violent Islamic Republics we keep hearing about.



As one of the commentators at lgf points out, there's a clonking great giveaway even in the well-spun press release:

For example one of our posters has the names of the prophets including Jesus who of course is an important figure for Christians but who is also an important Muslim prophet.

As the commentator says, we'll see how tolerant the Jihadis are when the Christian kids start interrupting to point out that Jesus was God, not a prophet.

"You're expelled Jones, you racist thug. Everyone knows true equality means allowing the Jihadbots to tell you what you can and can't believe"!

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