Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Intentional Irony ?

Is it perhaps the presence of a secret member of the VRWC that has led to a bizarre juxtaposisition of two stories in the Beeb's news shows all day ? The Beeb has been frantically spinning for Amnesia Intentional, which has just produced a report called 'Die Yankee Imperialist Running Dogs!'... actually, it may have been spelt differently, but you get the idea. So far, so predictable, except the item next to this story has usually been this one.

See the problem ? On the one hand the Beeb's taking out an onion for all those Jihadis cruelly prevented from going about their unlawful business, on the other the Beeb's getting the Kleenex out because over two thousand British people are being prevented from travelling abroad due to suspicions that they may go on to committ offences. Hello ? Surely, if you still take Amnesia's babblings about cruelty to 'splodey dopes seriously, you've got to be worried about HMG claiming the right to stop people travelling on the grounds that they might do stuff. Or would the L3 take the war seriously if the Jihadis destroyed bars with their bare hands instead of Semtex ?

Here's a couple of clues for that last question: the report claims that the US has 'refused to grant prisoner-of-war status to more than 600 detainees at the US base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, choosing to describe them as "illegal combatants" '. It's funny that folks who normally need sedating not to babble on about something called 'International Law' suddenly take off to the Land of Abstractia when they talk about Gitmo. Needless to say, even the briefest reading of the Geneva Conventions reveals that - surprise! - the Jihadis fail just about every test for lawful combatant status. The US chooses to refer to them as unlawful combatants in exactly the same way I choose to refer to the things that miaow as cats. Still, they'll keep pushing this line, after all, human rights are just the excuse. Otherwise, why would Amnesia spend pages slagging off the US for cruelty to killers, then list the situation in Sudan as an 'area of concern'. Y'know...slavery & genocide, matters of concern, but hey, lets not distract from the real mission of nailing the BushHitler.

So, anyway, Bush freed fifty million people from living under lonney fundies or a family of murderous psychos. What exactly have Amnesia Intentional ever done for anyone ?

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