Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Safety At Work [Scum] Act Passed

Paul is exactly right about this latest atrocity. Not only that, but note the warped morality on show here: householders can't defend themselves against house invaders because -hey - they're just loveable, jack-the-lads called Lefty, who wouldn't hurt a fly, and besides, given a right to self-defence, householders - ordinary, decent citizens, -will turn into homicidal killing machines. Hello ? Smackheads who kick people's doors down and hold a knife to their throat are A-OK, but country GPs are one click away from Norman Bates country.

And what exactly is with this ?

"Home Office Minister, Fiona Mactaggart, said that it would have created a "spiral of violence and retaliation".

Not really. The scum will attack, we'll kill them. Really, there's not much of a sequel to that. Still, I have to know - any relation to the well-known 'cycle of violence', which by an amazing coincidence only ever goes out for a ride when the Israelis kill scumbags ? Is it just me or is there some kind of pattern here ?

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