Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Dhimmis D'Jour

Somehow, I can't get emotional about missing this program. Here's the opening line of the blurb:

In the current climate, converting to Islam is not an obvious choice or an easy one, either for converts or their families.

Yes, it's that well-known Islamphobia, as extensively documented in....

C'mon - if Nasser Hussain gets out for a duck the Met records it as a Hate Crime, and still the famous backlash proves as elusive an Iman condemning Bin Laden.

Other lowlights:

For the four converts featured in the documentary, conversion is a positive step - but one that demands sacrifices of them and can cause worry and confusion for those closest to them.

Yes, 100% positive. No doubt, they've had a few rough spots, probably caused by their Infidel families, but there's always a happy ending when you join the five-a-day headbangers club. Anyone ever recall this kind of soft-focus coverage of converts to the bead jigglers or the Canterbury Club ?

Balance - it's so last century.

Needless to say, the four drones featured all seem to be the kind of social inadequates who would join a death cult. But check out this delightful piece of dreck:

Aqeel Burton was brought up in Manchester by Jamaican Christian parents, but rejected his parents' faith, because it seemed to him a white person's religion.

See, that's how braodminded the Beeb is: even being a self-confessed racist nutjob won't stop them giving you a tongue bath. They'll probably do Nick Griffin next. Right ?

Of course, there's an agenda here: the War only exists 'cause we're too dumb to understand Bin Laden et al. There are no substantive issues dividing Islam from modern, secular democracy. Everythings gonna be all right if we just hold hands...

Ultimately, though, it is a hopeful film. At a time when many people talk about "a clash of civilisations" between Islam and the West, converts just might become a living bridge between Islam and the West

Of course, converts from the ROP to Judeo-Christian religions also have their part to play.

What you mean 'Death Sentance' ?

Surely not, doncha'know it's a Religion Of Peace ?

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