Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Works For Me

Hey - has something been happening in the Middle East ?

Allah has all your splatted spiritual leader needs, while giving a link to this interesting analysis:

There is every expectation that the killing today of Ahmed Yassin, head of the Hamas terrorist organization, may lead for the various terrorist organizations to make a maximum effort to carry out a "reprisal" attack or attacks. With the killing of Yassin, Israel's decision makers find themselves in the curious situation that the marginal cost of killing more terrorist leaders in the coming days, at least in terms of terrorist response, is zero - and probably negative as the killing of additional terrorist leaders could disrupt terror operations.

Special Delivery for Mr Arafat - free ticket to see the virgins.

Meanwhile, one of his commentors brings up a quote which sums up my views perfectly:

"Must I shoot a simple-minded soldier boy . . . while I must not touch a hair of [the] wily agitator who induces him []?"

Which means Honest Abe would never fit in at the Beeb.

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