Sunday, March 21, 2004

It IS A Political Matter

Don't think the TINOs will be talking about this any time soon.

As ever, note how people who whine about lacking the resources to teach basic literacy can write a blank cheque when there's some there's lefty indocducation to be funded. Needless to say, if the allocation of scarce resources isn't a topic for politics , what is?

But still, that's not it. What tees me off about it all is this: the sheer humbuggery of the homo-hustlers. These people constantly try to pass themselves off as the modern equivalent of Jews in Nazi Germany, and your failure to drink the Kool Aid means you're just like Hitler. Hang on a minute - who's intruding on who's lifestyle here ? Gay Rights activists claim they're trying to 'get the government out the bedroom' - yet they claim the right to turn hijack publicly-funded schools and indoctrinate young children into their lifestyle (hey, is it just me but does the Liberal obsession with indoctrinating the young imply a certain lack of confidence in their arguments ?)

Who's persecuting who here ? Liberals claim the right to extort money from hard-working families then use it to indoctrinate their kids. But they're the ones being oppressed. This is the bizzarro world TINO logic leads to. A group of people want to use the power of the state to intrude upon what was previously in the domain of the family, but TINOs say it's their fundamental human right. What would be a political matter for the TINOs ?

As for the activists - meet us half-way here. We won't demand the right to dictate what goes in the Manchester Village, you leave us to raise our kids the way we want. Until then, at least stop trying to claim that us disputing your right to impose your lifestyle on our kids means that we're oppressing you.

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