Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Punk In The Gallery

So Labour's latest big idea to control our soaring crime rate turns out to be rebranding the Criminal's Protection Service Crown Prosectuion Service. Quick - open the window and you may just hear the screams of terror from the nation's scumbags

Yeah, I know, a real Conservative would be outraged by this blatant attempt to write the Queen out of yet another part of the constitution, but it's all so.... pathetic. I mean, puuuuleaze, Nu Lab, swept into power on a landslide, ruled unchallenged for seven years, and they still think sticking two fingers up to Her Maj counts as radicalism. It's just the political equivalent of the Turner Prize, an attempt to disguise utter lack of talent by grandstanding radical dude posturing. Listen to Blunkett explain the change:

On Tuesday Home Secretary David Blunkett said it could be renamed the Public Prosecution Service, to help people feel it is on their side.

Is this not a man in the grip of complete cognitive surrender ? There's plenty wrong with law enforcement in this country and a lot of the blame lies with CPS, but Blunkett's worried about whether people feel that it's on their side. Pathetic. Is this really the promised Blair revolution ?

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