Sunday, March 14, 2004

Can We Call Them Traitors Now ?

Seems like Samizdata was being too nice to the L3. The 'Spain asked for it' meme is well and truly up and running, and may even have cost the Spanish government the election. Apparently, having a foreign policy which some bunch of Islamofascist lunatics disagree with means you deserve mass slaughter. We should base our foreign policy on what Al-Q wants or they'll kill hundreds of people, but it's the US which is arrogant and imperialistic.

But what's this all about anyway ? The Left wants us to know that Islamofascits nutjobs are 100% behind them ? Behind them ? They're even meshing their bombing strategy with the needs of Lefty electioneering. Has the Left got any sense of shame left ? The Left/Islamic axis was always somewhat bizarre, but now we have people who think women shouldn't be let of the house alone acting as explosive spin doctors for the Left, and the Liberals are lapping it up. Maybe that can be the Lib Dems election slogan: 'Proud holder of the Bin Laden Seal of Approval'.

There's a certain obvious contrast here. The L3 can't stop babbling about confronting the BNP. Should we be building bridges with Nick Griffin and friends ? Are they just frustrated reformers ? Should we ask why they hate us ? Hardly - the Left is all for clamping down on those loons. What's more the L3 media establishment is constantly on Defcon One for any sign of Conservatives encouraging the rise of fascism, hence the insane obsession with code words - the argument that when a Conservative is talking about (say) literacy rates in school, he actually means 'Zieg Heil! Our Aryan superwarriors will soon rule the world!'.

Well, here are the Islamofascists, and the Left won't have a word said against them. Even mass murder merely provokes the L3 into fresh America-hating (with a side-order of anti-Semitism) - and nothing as subtle as code words, neither. It's fair to ask if the L3 have crossed the line. When those committed to destroying civilisation arrange their bombings to tilt elections in the L3's favour, we're entitled to ask whether these people can be trusted with power. More to the point, what of the interplay between Liberal rhetoric and terrorism. It's no exaggeration to say that Britain's 'Surrender Now!' faction have, from the first, gloried in predicting mass slaughter in Britain. It's true to say that the basis of their whole strategy is to wait for a Madrid-type attack then shout 'told you so'. In short, these people have both made it quite clear that - should they gain power - they will grovel before the Islamofascists and based their election strategy on waiting for a massive attack. Could they have done any more to encourage the slaughter of their fellow citizens ?

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