Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Random Linkage

Down in the comments to my Dennis McShane post, Gawain points out that Denny's flash of sanity may just be a passing phase. Check out this to see industrial strength BS being deployed by a master. And then check out this post on the same site and recall that, as ever, the PC drones can say what they want, the designated victim classes know how bad things are.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, one of the Englishman's correspondants sums up my feelings exactly on Liberal reaction to the fall of Spain.

Is it serious ? Hey, if even one of the funniest guys on the web makes a straight post, then things are going badly. Allah shreds the argument that the election result was anything other than Munich at the ballot box (to quote this guy). But, Allah being Allah, he also includes a link to this - video gaming black humour at its finest.

As ever, the Party has the answer: the Commissar issues new maps for the comrades to use.

Meanwhile, LT reports on a mystery up Glasgow way. A car load of skinheads abduct an Pakistani who subsequently turns up stabbed to death and the police claim it's too early to say if there's a racial motive.

Just kidding.

Actually, Trev, Mike, Imran and the rest of the race-hustling bums won't be coming out to play: it was a white guy who got murdered by a car load of Pakistanis. The local MP warns that 'right-wing extremists may attempt to cause trouble in the wake of the killing.' Let's get this right - some Asians murder a white guy and that proves the dangers of right-wing extremism ?

And these people claim to be baffled by the BNP's appeal to voters ?

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