Friday, March 05, 2004

The Magic Of Government

Completely screw up your job, get more money and power:

Every local authority in England will be required to appoint a director of children's services in a bid to improve child welfare under legislation due to be unveiled by the government.

The children's minister, Margaret Hodge, will today launch the long-awaited children's bill, which is intended to improve the coordination of child protection and prevent tragedies, such as the murder of child abuse victim Victoria ClimbiƩ.

After all, the existing system works so well. Needless to say, these measures are nothing to do with saving the lives of kids. To do that, Maggie H would have to put her boot up the backside of Labour's core demographic social worker scum personnel. No, what it's realy about is giving the Beardy trash more excuses to terrorise members of the enemy class:

An "information hub" will be set up in 150 local authorities to record details of all the children in the area. Each child will have an electronic file - including their name, address, date of birth, school and GP - that states whether they are known to social services, education welfare, police, or youth offending teams.

To quote Samizdata on this issue: All Your Children Belong To Us

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