Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Vital Rapist Demographic

The Liberals have a new victim group to coddle. People are actually being deprived of their rights just because they are pond scum. Needless to say, the High Priests of Nuttiness are just outraged by the whole thing, while Nu Lab and Michael Howard's Not Very Conservative Party also have representatives queing up for their dose of Kool Aid.

Peter C and Mel P both have something to say about this. Peter is exactly right to note:

It should go without saying that there is not a single problem facing Britain today that would be solved if Ian Huntley and his fellow inmates were given the vote. All it would achieve would be to give a political elite already frighteningly partial towards the criminal a further, very self-interested, reason for so being. If that's what you want, vote Liberal Democrat. If they have any sense, that's what the criminals will be doing.

Similarly, Mel P correctly diagnoses this as another symptom of the move away from morality and towards Therapy Nation, where there's no such thing as evil only a pathological reaction to an unjust society, or whatever the Hell is the L3 Excuse D'jour.

Still, with all that I think there's one more thing that needs to be said, namely this: crime is not a part of civilisation, or a corollary to it, it is a complete renunciation of it. To talk of the rights of the criminal, far less to insist that he should be granted privledges of citizenry, such as voting, is to obscure this point. These people have resigned from society, they have no use for their fellow citizens except as prey, yet Liberals want to cast scumbaggery as a lifestyle option, crime as inevitable and the predators as a misunderstood minority.

Look at the new name for the Prison Service: the 'National Offender Management Service'. It's the perfect distillation of what's wrong with Liberal policy on crime. The prissy reluctance to call criminals criminals is one thing, but what of that phrase 'management service' ? What a perfect insight into what passes for the Liberal mindset: 'We can't defeat crime, we can only live with it and reach some kind of Munich-type compromise with the vermin'. So saith the Liberals these past forty years, citing the utter failure of their policies to even slow down the explosion in crime rates as somehow proving that nothing can be done. Well, y'know, there's ever such a funny thing been happening over in the US these past few years. Take this for an example, flagged up by John Hawking.

LOS ANGELES — It's been 10 years since California enacted the "three strikes" law, mandating sentences of 25 years to life for repeat serious or violent offenders. But some say it's time for the no-exceptions enforcement to be loosened.

Since the three-strike policy became law, the state's crime rate has dropped almost 50 percent, despite a one-third increase in population. Critics say the law casts too wide of a net, sweeping up thousands of petty criminals and shoplifters and putting them away for decades.

The only lesson to be learned from the collaspe of law & order is the utter uselessness of Liberals at dealing with crime. That's the irony here - Liberals rant about paedophiles not being given the vote but its the public at large who have been disenfranchised. The justice system is a self-perpetuating freakshow, propagating a philosophy based on a mishmash of New Age garbage, Sub-Marxist drivel, junk science, elitist blather and, above all else, a contempt for traditional morality.

Anyone remember the last time the L3 complained about excessively harsh sentances given to racists, tax evaders or Jefferey Archer ? Try never. Liberals have no principled objection to harsh measures. But, if you're a homicidal child molester, you can expect whole swathes of L3 cadre to take out onions on your behalf. Of course, Liberals want to give the vote to felons. they don't think 90% of them are really criminals in the first place. They're sort of over-exuberant social pioneers.

The whole Votes for Felons scenario has at least this redeeming feature: it tells the public what the L3 really believe about crime. These people truly believe there are no grounds to discriminate against Ian Huntley - to them, he's just a normal citizen. Now the public can see at last why the War on Crime is being so comprehensively lost.

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