Thursday, March 11, 2004

Where We're At In Education:

So Fat Charlie claims:

“Overall, the system is quite unreliable if you are a pupil or a parent,” Mr Clarke told a conference in London organised by the General Teaching Council for England. “It’s not quite hit and miss, but it’s almost hit and miss whether your classroom teacher is working rigorously and systematically to improve the classroom experience for every child.”

Too true say the nation's parents.

Mr Clarke said teachers deserved “a small pat on the back” for raising overall standards. But there remained a gap of 22 percentage points in the proportion of high-quality lessons that pupils received in the best and the worst subjects.

There were “quite strikingly different” levels of improvement. History teaching had improved by 21 percentage points, compared with only 8 in design and technology.

So, he's got the figures to prove it. Has this well-argued revelation of poor performance amongst the teaching profession spurred them on to close that gap ?

Like, really.

Teachers’ unions were dismayed by the Education Secretary’s remarks. Chris Keates, of the National Association of Schoolmasters and Union of Women Teachers, said: “These are a departure from the positive messages about teaching quality which had recently become a welcome hallmark of ministerial speeches.

“The Secretary of State claims the system is unreliable if you are a pupil or parent. It is equally unreliable for teachers who wrestle with inequitable access to high quality professional development and variable standards of resources and support.”

Whine, whine, whine. Just because we're screwing up doesn't mean you should criticise us. Anyway, the dog ate my resources. Same ol', same ol'. Doubtless with the same ol' results next year. Is it any wonder education is collapsing when the supposed professionals are incapable of assuming responsibility for anything ? Self-dramtising victimhood holds such an iron grip over our nation's schools that it's a wonder they can find any time for teaching. Enough, already. Bring in vouchers and let the kids escape to Destiny High, leaving Joe Whiner and his mates to sink further into apathetic self-coddling.

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