Monday, March 22, 2004

Sock Puppet Speaks!

So, Sir John Stevens speaks out in favour of greater European cooperation against terrorism, thereby refuting claims that he's a political hack who speaks in mindless Liberal platitudes. All very good I'm sure, but it ain't going to happen. We've had 3000 die in a single day, and mass slaughter in an island paradise without Europe stirring. The same sloth, selfishness and wilful blindness that meant it took a bomb in Europe to wake people up will ensure that any such cooperation that does occur is pure window-dressing.

That would be true under any circumstances - but now we have the specific problem of a nominal EU member whose government was elected precisely because it could appease the terrorists by an electorate that will throw it out should a single bomb explode in Madrid. Anyone think the Spaniards will be looking under any stones or rattling any teacups ? They've already refused any help from the world's premier law enforcement organisation in their investigation of the train bombings. No doubt they'll get someone without the help of the Feds, but I can't be the only one to think it'll be an Abdrool Pa'tzay rather than any one Al-Quada would miss.

Bad as it is, Spain is just an extreme case of what afflicts most of Europe. Look at the treatment of Israel for proof of that. Resistance is out, appeasement is in. Talking of the technicalities of shared intelligence and the like is a mere displacement activty to distract from the moral sickness that hangs over everything Europe does or does not do. Sir John Stevens himself, the PC PC, is a symptom of this disease. Until we are prepared to call evil evil, all else is commentary.

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