Sunday, November 30, 2008

Growing Rift Between Liberals And Reality

Hey, bloggers criticise the MSM, but if it wasn't for those guys, we'd never know the real victims of the Indian terror attacks are Eskimos.

Just kidding!

Actually, it turns out that Islamofascists slaughtering Infidels proves that Muslims are really huge victims. Again.

Still, you have to say he hits all the talking points like a battering ram.
Many British commentators have asked in surprise why India is being targeted.
No, only the stupid ones. They're the ones who really believe garbage like this:
In dragging its feet, the Indian state does nobody a greater disservice than Indian Muslims.
See? Muslims slaughter 4000 Infidels but they're still the real victims.
When there are no real suspects, arrests or trials, everyone becomes a suspect. Already an underclass, with low literacy rates, low incomes and poor representation in government jobs, Indian Muslims are increasingly alienated.
Yes, that's how oppressive Indian society is: if you're an uneducated fascist thug, you might struggle to land a job.

Hey, that's a feature not a bug.

Seriously. That's the sign of a healthy society. There should be negative consequences to spending your time banging your head on the floor five times a day and ranting about slaughtering the infidel. It's societal evolution in action.

Still, for the sake of Taseer's ridiculous argument, what does he think should happen? Should illiterates nevertheless be given government jobs, just to fill a quota? Should the Hindus be prevented from using up all the literacy? Or maybe the Indian Air Force should air drop some literacy into Muslim areas?
Nobody wants to listen to genuine grievances about poverty, illiteracy and unemployment in the face of a real threat to the country.
That's because they aren't 'genuine grievances' - they're the entirely predictable consequences of following the tenets of a depraved death cult. Terrorism isn't a side effect of Islamic poverty. Poverty is a side-effect of the type of culture that supports terrorism.

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