Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Not Random

Looks like another stunning victory for social services.

As ever, I say that if the problem was merely that social workers were untrained/over-worked/retarded or whatever, these horror stories would occur pretty much at random. Ditto, with cases of social workers persecuting the innocent. On the contrary, the figures only tilt one way.

Social workers have totally assimilated the cultural Marxist view of the world as an endless battle between the oppressed and oppressors. Anybody who can make a plausible claim for victimhood, such as ethnic minorities, junkies, the deranged or just members in good standing of the underclass, are, by definition, victims. Meanwhile, everybody knows that the traditional family is by definition an abusive environment, especially if there's a danger of the children being exposed to Christianity.

The problem is not with the procedures, the IT or the training. The problem is Marxism and what it does to people: it provides moral cover to even the most hideous of behaviours. Social workers treat people as sock puppets in their little agitprop productions. Today Baby F stars in 'Smackheads Are People Too!' - best catch it while you can! Tomorrow it's Child E in 'Suburbia Is Every Bit As Depraved As Any Sink Estate'.

To return to an old theme, these atrocities happen as a direct result of the ideology reigning in social work departments. Change at the top isn't enough, the fanatics need to be driven out. This is why the culture war matters.

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