Friday, November 21, 2008

Quote of the Century

Crivens! The MSM are shocked - shocked! - to find out that Islamofascists aren't down with the PC:
[EVAN] KOHLMANN: I think a better question is is that, is Zawahiri here taking a very dangerous step? Because, you know, Al-Qaeda itself has had problems with racism and bigotry within the ranks, and it was only about a decade and a half ago that Al-Qaeda was paying different salaries to its Arab members and its black African members. And the person administering that financial scheme, that payment scheme, is now the number three in charge of Al-Qaeda. He wasn't demoted, he wasn't punished for this, he was promoted. So I think the question is, is Al-Qaeda really in a position to be, you know, spouting off about the evils of racism when clearly they have as much problem with it as anybody else.
Yes, murder and mayhem is one thing, but discriminatory hiring practices? That's going just too far!


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