Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Not About The Electability

One of the strangest arguments for conservatives voting Tory is the belief that all this Nu Tory gunk is just a cunning fraud, and on election day + 1 the Ayatollah Khameron and pals will switch from 'moderate' Dr Jekylls to ultra-con Mr Hydes.

At the best of times this would be a strange idea, at least in so far as they'll only vote for The Dave providing he's a dishonest weasel. But it's not just that. What about those parts of the country where the Tories already hold power and have held it for years? No concessions to electability required there, so surely a chance to preview how the Tories would govern nationally right?

Well, the first sets of data are in, and it's not looking good.

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