Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Killed 'Baby P'

...But I had help - from all of you for a start.

Yep, in a new low even for these freaks, it turns out that the reason why social workers left Baby P to die was all the people criticising social workers. Hmmmm... not so much chicken and egg, more chicken and roast dinner. Maybe they could try beating the system by not screwing up in the first place?

In so far as they're claiming that because people criticise social workers for seizing children on bogus grounds, social workers are reluctant to take kids into care even where the child has been tortured over a number of months, I say again: shouldn't supposed experts on raising kids sound a little less like they're fourteen years old themselves? Either that or go the whole way and accuse John Hemmings of being just like Hitler.

It's simply a fact that the same cult that uses junk science to persecute normal families keeps ignoring obvious cases of torture. Ditto - and again this may have passed our highly-trained social workers by - John Hemmings MP is supposed to hold public servants to account (the clue is in the letters after his name).

Still, consider what this says about the morals of the average social worker when their defence for leaving a child to die is that they feared mild criticism for rescuing him. Hey, sounds like exactly the people we can trust with unaccountable power, right?

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