Friday, November 28, 2008

Sympathy Meter Stuck On Zero

Oh sure, the arrest of a Tory MP - and on such clearly loopy charges - certainly cranks up the political temperature, but Pearl Harbour this ain't.

Arrests on ludicrous grounds? Hey, at least they didn't arrest Green's mother on charges of being a tomato dealer.

Use of police to harass folks with the wrong opinions? Yes, that certainly rings a few bells.

And what has been the response of the Tories to all this?

No, not nothing. It's worse than that. The Tories might not have agreed with the left on the specifics (or, indeed, they might have) but they certainly bought into the underlying world view, that there are views so extreme that those who hold them don't deserve to have the same rights as everyone else.

It's the philosopher and the actress again. Remember that story? The philosopher offers an actress a million pounds if she'll sleep with him and she agrees. The philosopher then says 'well, how about ten pounds' and she says 'what do you think I am? A prostitute?', to which he replies 'oh sure, we've already determined that, now we're just quibbling about price'. The Tories have already climbed into bed with leftist thugs, everything else is detail.

So excuse me if I give the whole 'Day of Infamy' thing a miss.

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