Monday, November 17, 2008

Feral Liberals

First thing first: in so far as this piece of dreck is an overtly political attack on the British right, in what sense of the word does it count as 'charity'? Hey, maybe we'll take the left's call for higher taxes seriously once their own organisations stop claiming tax breaks on bogus grounds.

Good to see the left's still keeping to its usual standards of evidence too. 'Comments made on websites'. A-huh! This is Clue Number One right there. The left quotes stuff anonymous commentors say on websites, the right quotes stuff prominent leftists actually say in real life. Hell, find me anything on the right that's as hateful as this ad, to say nothing of the implicit racism and sexism in it.

Of course, this is Clue Two. The Yoof establishment has been under fire this past two weeks over the 'Baby P' fiasco. Meanwhile, the left fires back with warnings about pretendey pogroms. Actual sadistic torture and death presided over by liberals vs deranged fantasises about conservatives roaming the streets killing da yoof. Hmmmmmm.... guess we're going to need to go full auto if we're ever going to catch up with the social workers' kill rate.


Good point from Dan in the comments. What's with all this 'demonising children'? Sure, we criticise some of them - spookily enough, the criminally-inclined ones - but as a group? Key metric: find a conservative who denounces all children the way mainstream liberals use isolated incidents of misconduct to indict every cop in the country.

Talking of which, as the folks at Coppersblog would no doubt ask rhetorically, which demographic is it that the feral youth are most likely to victimise? Exactly. If these freaks were really interested in the 'yoof' rather than in pushing dysfunction, they'd be crying out for more 'demonisation' of the violent and depraved.

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