Sunday, November 09, 2008

Two Further Perspectives On Disaster

"The wizards of smart on our side want to attract a Wal-Mart voter over there, and a Joe the Plumber voter over here, but that's not how you win elections. You win elections with core principles, and you attract people to them because they work."
I can't help but notice a lot of the "Republicans' most enamored of Obama, and most disgusted by Palin, are upper-class twits. Either by birth or by adoption of their culture.

I'm betting wallace and schmidt are, too.

A lot of this is pure class/cultural disgust at those boisterous,
declasse blue collar types.

Hey, Palin got shit done in Alaska. But blue collar morons are good
at fixin' shit, aren't they? As David Brooks noted, Obama can easily
cite Neibhur in conversation. (However you spell his name.) That's
the important thing, you know.

The lower classes DO. The upper classes ARE.
Yowser! A sneery bunch of elitist creeps thinking that they just need to come up with a supa-smart marketing strategy and the bumpkins in the base won't notice they're getting the shaft. It's weird, but somehow that sounds strangely familiar.....

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