Monday, November 17, 2008

Honest Liberal Detected

There's a film coming out celebrating a Christian extremist who waged war against a democratic government in the hope of imposing a dictatorship which would cleanse the country of immigrants.

Why, yes, it is set in Ulster. How'd you guess?

The humbug is so rancid that even a Guardian staffer can't take it any more.

Funnily enough, the response from the libtards in the comments seems to be lacking their famous nuance. As far as I make out, their two main lines of counter-argument are that the Daily Mail is bad, and David Cox is writing from a British perspective. All of which throws into sharp relief the state of the British left.

For a start, is there anything more 'Daily Mail' than whining about the Daily Mail? Seriously, they whine about it Every. Single. Time.

Then there's the whole thing about their constant whining every time someone calls them unpatriotic. Yes, I think if you go weak at the knees for a film based on every libel your nation's enemies have ever deployed, your patriotism may be kind of suspect.

On the other hand, at least this movie proves that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights isn't as universal as you might think. Consider that leftists are enraged by any allegation of mistreatment of self-confessed terrorists - no matter how dubious these allegations might be - but wanting to ethnically cleanse most of the people out of your country? A noble ambition, sir!

It's a simple fact that in Bobby Sands' Ireland Protestants would be ethnically cleansed, either overtly as in the early days of the Republic, or via the indirect route of oppressive Jim Crow laws. Until then, he and his pals were perfectly happy to kill them one at a time.

Then there's the Root of All Evil Mother Church. Leftists have spent years disparaging the Catholic Church for.... well, everything really, but now we have a case where Catholic priests really did help murder people for having the wrong religion and we have what must be the first sympathetic portrayal of a priest for years.

So much for principled atheism. It turns out that liberals are totally down with the church, just as long as it'll keep on with the good stuff, like helping terrorists, and ditch the extreme stuff, like opposing gay marriage.

But the final point is this: as Ross points out this piece of deranged racist lunacy is actually being funded by the UK. There's only two things that need be said about that. One is this: in so far as we're funding movies depicting fascist sociopaths as heroes, I'm not necessarily convinced that tax cuts will have to be at the expense of 'ospitalsanschools. Point two: in so far as this film is a hibernofascist pr0no - as evidenced by the Guardian comments thread - funded entirely by the very people whose murder it glamorises, what have eighty years of religious fundamentalism and racism done to the rancid republic? How comprehensively wrecked does your culture have to be to end up dependent on foreign imports of racism?

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