Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nihilistic: Don't Mean Nothing

Plenty of libertarians have already hammered Hazel Blears for her recent remarks on blogging and, more specifically, the underlying implication that nothing good can come of anything which operates independent of the state.

Still, as absurd and/or terrifying as Hazel Blears' speech is in terms of what it reveals about leftist attitudes to liberty, it was also ludicrous from a social conservative perspective. Consider the chutzpah of these people calling anyone else 'nihilistic'.

What would a nihilist say about patriotism? Would he support the unique culture and way of life of this island, or would he argue that 'Britain' is purely a geographical term?

How about the family? Would nihilists argue for the vital role of the family in our society, or would they claim that the traditional family is no better than any other random collection of individuals living in the same postcode?

How about art? Where would a nihilist stand on the question of whether or not some art is objectively better than others?

The modern left's world view is best summed up by millionaire hippy John Lennon's dirge 'Imagine' with its vision of a world stripped of meaning. And now they complain that the right is nihilistic?

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