Tuesday, July 12, 2005

We're Just Lucky Al Gore Invented The Internet

Is it just me, or are other folk getting mightily teed off with Her Majesty's Government's attempt at the media equivalent of the Dance of the Seven Veils ? It's a power surge - no, it's a bomb. Two people are dead - closer to a hundred. No evidence of a suicide bomber - except for a bushel of documents. Now, we're supposed to buy into the story that approximatly 15 seconds after the report of a bombing in t'other end of the country, family members of one splodeydope dialled up the Filth to see if he was involved, allowing the Police to immediatly identify the other three splodeydopes. A-huh. I'm convinced, I mean it's not like they've lied to us before.

So, where's the media on all this ? Our supposed watchdogs turn out to be pussy cats. Hey - these are the folks who scweamed and scweamed till they made themselves sick during Operation Iraq Freedom, just 'cause the commanders of spearhead battalions wouldn't make themselves available for interviews at 18:00 on the dot each day. Approximatly how many godawful TV dramas have there been featuring maverick journalists desperatly pursuing the truth against all odds ? Now when the Government keeps getting caught lying like a rug, the journalistic profession appears to have had a collective valium enema.

Yes, it's just possible that the journojismers have a weird psychological disorder that prevents them working out that someone who has previously screwed them over will probably keep on doing so - what psychologists call 'Conservative Party Member Syndrome'. More likely though, this is a result of a cancer at the heart of British jounalism. Say what you like about the old 'Fleet Street' crowd. They may have all been drunken slobs, but at least they knew they were drunken slobs. Now, we have a jounalistic profession - booze is banned, but delusions of granduar are de rigeur. These people went to the same universities as the politicians (either one), they live in the same parts of the same city and go to the same hang-outs. Is it any wonder that they start to see themselves not as watchdogs of the government, but as a part of it ? So, if an old friend from St Tosser's College phones up asking for you to report some BS story about power surges on buses ? Why, of course you'll report it, anything to help a mate out. It's only the Great Unwashed that are getting the shaft.

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