Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sixteen Years Too Late To The Party

There has been no aspect of the Menezes case which sticks in the throat more than hearing Metropolitan intellectuals (mostly self-proclaimed) prancing round professing to be shocked by the thought of a Police screw-up causing the death of an innocent. Add in their outrage at the thought that the Police may have released misleading information in the aftermath and the humbuggery reaches mind-bending proportions.

We’ve done that. We did it sixteen years ago and these people’s response was perfectly summed up in their recent lionisation of BoJo for daringly sneering at the families’ grief. The same folks hitting the sackcloth & ashes extra-strength right now, were the ones who thought then – and still think – that Hillsborough was gigglesville, yet there’s not a single criteria by which last Thursday’s event wasn’t outdone by events in 1989.

No. of Deaths 196
Threat Police Thought They Were Facing: Suicide Bomber Football Fans
Police Misconduct ? Alleged Release Of False InformationAdmitted To Release Of False Information and
'Loss' of CCTV Footage and
Rewritting Witness Statements

Dedicated cop haters may regard both inicidents as examples of Police brutality. 'Angry of Tubridge Wells' might say they all deserved to die, but to maintain that one is an epic tragedy while the other is a bid for the a group Darwin Award, is surely an example of the sleazy, overtly tactical, parody of morality that no dominates a certain strand of Metropolitan thought. But no, we’re supposed to take these people seriously as principled guardians of public morality. Screw them all.

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