Sunday, July 24, 2005

Libs Come Out In Support Of Racial Profiling

I’ve finally worked out why Libs are so spineless. It’s the only way they can manage the constant backflips without serious injury. Take recent events: it’s supposed to be self-evidently ludicrous that the Filth misidentified a Brazilian as a suicide bomber. Hang on a mo’, if Brazilians are unlikely to self-explode, then who do the Libs think would detonate ? C’mon Libs, we want to know. After all, Libs have been insisting that eighty-year old grandmothers, Chinese schoolgirls and Rolf Harris are all just as likely to be suicide bombers as a twenty-something university educated male Muslim British passport holder who’s just spent 18 months in Pakistan. But a Brazilian suicide bomber ? That’s just crazy talk.

Let’s rewind the tape here. Liberals are shocked – shocked! – that a police officer made a bad call. That’s the problem with split second decisions. If there was the chance to weigh up the evidence in a more formal setting – say, some kind of tribunal – things might have been different, but no: the Left won’t have it. On the contrary, what we have is a situation where a guy can stride up to passport control at Heathrow and say ‘hi there, my role in multiple terrorist bombings in Zangaro has resulted in me facing a death sentence’ and he’d get asylum, precisely because of that. Simply facing a death sentence – irrespective of the grounds for it – is enough to gain asylum. Needless to say, the Left insists that our putative bomber can not be detained once in Britain. He gets the run of the country (plus full welfare benefits of course). The Left will generously permit the security services to monitor these scumbags, so all the Police really have to do is maintain 24/7 surveillance, naturally without being detected, right up until they catch one of the scuzballs climbing into a train with a cigarette lighter in one hand and a giant fuse in the other. What could go wrong ?

So much for the specific insanity, but you could also say the Left created the meta-context in which this screw-up occurred. The point is best made by Captain Ed:

The Geneva Conventions exist to prevent civilian authorities to make these kinds of choices. It forces nations engaged in warfare to clothe their soldiers in recognizable uniforms so that civilians do not face these deadly consequences. The death of Menezes shows the wisdom of summary executions of infiltrators, spies, and saboteurs during wartime in order to discourage their use. The use of deadly force on people in civilian life in part because of a poor choice of outerwear during a hot summer season directly relates to the kinds of attacks that al-Qaeda has conducted on civilian populations.

This kind of incident is the inevitable result of an enemy that deliberately tries to pass themselves off as civilians. Yet not only does the Left refuse to condemn this tactic, they positively condone it by campaigning to secure for the enemy all the rights of lawful combatants.

People haven’t been as unjustifiably shocked by a disaster since the FA appointed Graham Taylor to manage England. But having foisted this Alice In Wonderland system on us, the Left has decided that the real blame lies with the worker bees. If only the Police had….. well, something, anyway. Of course, the Left is a little vague on the details, but they’ll try and make up for it with volume.
The Rottweiller Puppy has sniffed out more humbuggery.

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