Thursday, July 14, 2005

Postcards From A Parallel Universe

Daniel writes from a nearby existance:

I say thank goodness for the bill outlawing rudeness about Nazism. Reports of Herr Hitler’s speeches threatening the destruction of our civilization are greatly exaggerated. Similarly, his threat to exterminate the Jewish race will be used by extremist groups here to stir up fears against our peace-loving Nazi friends. It is clear that these views are only held by a tiny minority of Nazis, and the tabloid frenzy surrounding Herr Hitler’s visit to London to address a Nazi rally entitled ‘Death to the Jews’ is all too predicable.

The bombing raids which have destroyed large areas of London, claimed by the Nazi-affiliated Luftwaffe, may be the work of a tiny minority of misguided Nazi zealots who do not represent the peaceful Nazi majority. More likely, the bombings have been orchestrated by the British / US secret services, in the service of a Jewish conspiracy. These attacks will only serve to strengthen our ties with our Nazi friends, and we welcome the new Bill which will outlaw criticism of Nazism.

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