Sunday, July 10, 2005

This Is (Still) War

By and large, as far as the bombs go, I’ve been keeping to the rule that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything, but I notice that the Left isn’t so much stealing bases as making off with the whole stadium.

Even the normally sane Tim Worstall bags NRO for making a mild comment about the bombing while maintaining radio silence about Ken Livingstone’s absurd speech. After all, here was the mayor of a city that had just suffered a horrendous attack and he injects an ludicrous element of class war into it. Leaving aside matters of taste, it’s absurd to say only the horny-handed sons of toil use public transport in London – in fact, given that folks travelling at at that time of day are usually on their way to some form of job, that excludes most of Livingstone’s core support right there.

More to the point though, the phrase ‘closing down the debate’ barely covers what Livingstone was trying to do with respect to the question of the role the combination of mass immigration and multiculturalism played in these events. Then again, the Stupid maximus virus was particularly contagious that day: even David Davis, alleged Conservative hard man gave a Lennonesque speech urging unity. Dave, here’s a free clue, these folks aren’t after communal singing and group hugs.

So, y’know, I feel justified in speaking out on this issue, I feel something needs saying, and that something is WTF ?

We don’t need vigils or brightly coloured ribbons, or the rest of the therapy nation garbage. What happened wasn’t a ‘tragedy’. A tragedy is where a river sweeps away a viaduct with a train on it, not where some scumbag blows the bridge up. All this talk of ‘national healing’ isn't being used as a stimulus to action, it’s being used as an alternative, a displacement activity.

What happened is this: a group of maniacs attacked our country. That’s it. I realise this may be disappointing for certain of our bien pensants. It’s all so crude , so blatant, so lacking in nuance. I dunno. Maybe next war we’ll be attacked by the philosophy department at the Sorbonne. Right about now we’re at war with an enemy whose objectives is crystal clear – hey, they’ll even translate it into English for us.

Wassat ? I hear a squaking from the Left side of the spectrum, something about ‘legitimate greivances’: Bosnia, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Anyotherstan….Yes, indeed. Not only that – how about the West’s intervention in East Timor and Al Andalus. How about it Libs - both are regularly cited by the enemy. If Islam has grievances, it is the grievance of the aristocrat considering the self-made millionaire or, more appropriately for Islam, the slave owner facing the loss of his slaves.

But no, the L3 won’t have it. These folks resisted every attempt to defend our island against the baddies on the grounds that the threat was a myth, and insisted that such measures as we did take were castrated by the demands of political correctness. Even now, they’re determined to make sure that this isn’t Britain’s September 11, more Britain’s Khobar Towers. Well, we have seen how well their theories work: four bombs detonated, two failed to explode, none stopped by law enforcement. I don’t feel that it’s presumptuous to request that we get a turn. Maybe those of us on the Right aren’t as sensitive as the Left, maybe we’re not as subtle. The Highland Clearances weren’t too subtle either, but you notice how many times England has been invaded by maniacs in skirts since ? To steal the final line from Ann Coulter's famous September 12 column: that was war, so is this.

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