Friday, July 22, 2005

Bomber Shot, Liberals Explode

Well, at least we know what it takes to get Liberals outraged over acts as violence committed in the War on Terror. For once, Liberals have abandoned their ostentatious eye-rolling and found something that really burns them. Pity it’s the zapping of a Tango by the security forces.

All the folks who greeted news of mass slaughter with windy do-nothing blather have suddenly discovered a sense of outrage. True, the deceased was a known terrorist, dressed like the Michelin Man in July, and ran from Police when questioned, straight towards a crowded train, but one can hardly call this suspicious behaviour. No, Liberals are outraged at the thought of such an obviously harmless individual being shot murdered by Blair’s death squads. Some might say we should treat Liberal threat assessments with a degree of caution, considering that pre-July 7 they spent their time telling us that terrorism was a myth. The thing is that Liberal prophets are just like Kenny in South Park: every time they make a predication, they get squashed, but there they are next week, back again.

Some of us have been here before. In 1988 a group of IRA bombers were observed to be studying the Changing of The Guard ceremonies on Gibraltar. They were kept under surveillance right up until they parked a car right next to the site of the ceremony. As the terrorist were making their way to Spain, they realised they were under surveillance, the SAS moved in to make an arrest and in the subsequent chaos the terrorists were shot. Naturally, Liberals were delighted with the SAS saving hundreds of lives.

No, not really.

It turned out that the car was only a block car, meant to keep the space free for the real car bomb, so there was no risk of the terrorist being able to set off the bomb. SO THERE! Ever after, Libs were banging on about a ‘shoot-to-kill- policy and other examples of the buzzwords Libs use to hide the basic insanity of their ideas.

I can’t be the only one getting a strange feeling of déjà vu. This wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t had four years of Libs splashing around in the cesspit of LIHOP/MIHOP fantasising about September 11. In the great Liberal game of Three-Card Find-The-Lady, the Left always wins, either crowing over failures or moralsing over successes. Here’s a case where firm and direct action has prevented mass slaughter, but the Left is hopping mad. Can we just stop pretending that there’s any logic to their position other than hatred of Britain ?

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